Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Beginnings....

So here goes.... my first blog. Wierd. I have never been much of a journal person or one to write tons and tons of letters to people so this seems a little of a stretch for me. But I'm all about doing new things these days - so why not? I opened my Esty shop and listed my first items on Jul 31. So far, it hasn't gone so bad. Very steep learning curve for me though!!! I never thought that I would actually start my own business, but here I am. I wish I was a candidate for Quit Your Day Job, but in actuality I quit my day job before I had any serious thoughts about changing my hobby into my full time job. Anyways... in the interest of keeping this first post short - and leave you waiting for more! (haha) I'll leave it there for now, and post a couple of my new listings so you can see what I'm all about :) More to come soon, enjoy!



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