Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have a feature column on CanArtisan!!!

So I mentioned in my last post that I had been scouring the internet for more promotional opportunities right? Well I came across this blog called CanArtisan that features only Canadian artisans who have shops on Etsy, Artfire,, etc and noticed that there was a free directory listing. Of course I applied right away for that - always a great idea to take advantage of as many free directories as possible! While I was filling out my info on the form, the "want free advertising" plug on the page caught my eye. With my interest further piqued :) I delved further - turns out Brandi (writer of CanArtisan) was offering free advertising in exchange for writing on the blog! Sounded great - what did I have to do? Just pitch her an interesting story. So I did. I proposed writing a piece showcasing a new Canadian Etsy shop every week. And by new I mean new within the year new. Cool idea huh? Brandi liked it! Super awesome! Ok so now all my browsing and "window" shopping on Etsy has a purpose and a direction. I'm pretty stoked - free listing, free advertising, and my first opportunity to guest write on a blog, very cool :)

Who did I pick? DreamGallery from Kaslo, BC. Read the feature here : CanArtisan - Thursday's Art Gallery . Well thats all for now.... off to do more shopping :) I'll leave you with my fave of DreamGallery's collection. Until next time! Kim xo

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Long time, no see!

Yikes! Its been 3 weeks since my last post. Oops :) Time flies by so fast - especially when you're moving! Our new house was majorly dirty when the last owners moved out, and we also decided to repaint the whole thing. Lots and lots of work - but its done now and it looks fabulous!

Also is the last 3 weeks I have been making new items, taking pictures and more pictures, listing them, running Facebook ads to find myself some new fans (successful!) and searching, searching, searching for new opportunities to promote my shop. Oh yeah and working on the dreaded business plan. Makes me tired just reading that again phew!

So all in all this are going well. Also this week I will begin a guest blog post on CanArtisan featuring new Canadian Etsy shops! Am looking forward to this alot - I think it will be alot of fun! Speaking of which - I have to get started on that post. Oh yeah, I made myself a new banner - what do you think? Until next time, Kim


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