Friday, November 6, 2009

I LOVE my blog followers!

I told you it was coming - a special announcement :)

Because I LOVE my blog followers SO much I want to extend a special
20% off the One-Of-A-Kinds section in my shop

To recieve this, send me an email or convo through Etsy telling me you are
a blog follower and what item you are interested in. I will set it up as a reserved
listing and change the price to reflect the 20% off.  And shipping is FREE!!!

This special blog followers promotion is open from tonight (Nov 6) to Friday,
November 13. Thats a whole week to get a jumpstart on your Christmas shopping
and buy some beautiful jewellery for yourself or someone you love :)

Enjoy! Kim XO.

TGIF!!!! Nov 6,2009

This weeks installment of TGIF - get ready to shop, shop, shop is all about the November-babies :) I have come up with a bunch of ideas in case you are stumped and don't know what to buy.... this time of year can get that way. Everyone is in Christmas mode, and  it seems right from the start of November, those of us who have birthdays in November sort of get lost in the holiday spirit. I should know - I am a November-baby myself! So I have put together a list with a range of ideas, from birthstones to zodiacs. Have Fun!

This ring has been on my wishlist for weeks! They are so cute, and I love the vintage feel of them. There is one for every sign of the zodiac with the corresponding "birthstone" colour - Star Sign rings by pandacub .

My next pick is this Gold Shine - Citrine Quartz geode dipped in 22K gold by mycellardoor . I am in love with this necklace! there is nothing I like more than seeing lovely gems in their natural state. I guess that's the geologist in me :) This citrine geode pendant is dipped in gold and hung from a 14K gold chain. What a lovely gift this would make!

What about some great artwork with a zodiac theme??? I am a huge fantasy and sci fi geek so I am loving the way the artist has portrayed the scorpion and saggitarius in these prints - I would definitely love to hang one of these on my wall. Zodiac Collection - 5x7 Matted Print by mysticmoonmedia - these prints come in your choice of zodiac sign and all are free to ship!

Romantic Rose Golden Citrine Blossom Flower Bobby Pin by ayawedding . How about a beautiful, handmade, organza flower pin to adorn your flowing locks? These flower bobby pins are just so pretty, and you could have one in any colour you want! And the best part is, the flower never wilts :)

How about a set of handy Cute Animal Zodiac Multi Note Cards Set by Cuore. These note cards are blank, A2 size, come in a choice of 3 paper colour choices, and is a set of 12 (one for every zodiac sign or your choice of one sign on all 12 cards). These are really handy to have around - how cute wold it be to send notes to all your friends with your "signature" zodiac sign on them???

Just looking for a little something to give as a gift? How about a Custom Hello Kitty bell phone charm - zodiac crystal inlay by sachicrafts or The Snake key ring by JooSweetie . The key rings come in your choice chinese zodiac sign (in my case - Yes not only am I a Scorpio but I was also born Year of the Snake ;) ) and the bell charms have a choice of strap colour and crystal colour.

I have lately become very intrigued by felting. In fact there was a lady with a booth at the quilt show I attended last week who did nothing but felt. I was mesmerized by the array of items on her table! Here I found this wonderful Cobweb felt scarf - Autumn leaves OOAK by vilte that is in a beautiful citrine shade! And it is a one-of-a-kind!

Of course my last pick has to be a bag :) I love bags, and I stumbled upon this wonderful shop while looking for ideas for this post. I would seriously buy everything in this shop if I could! This Citrine Bow Handbag by mojospastyle is exactly my style - I love the colour, the bow, the shape, the length of the strap (not too long not too short). I hope I get this for my birthday!!! :)

Well thats it - Happy Shopping :) Until next time, Kim XO.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Canadian Shops on Etsy .... Photo Atelier

***This post previously ran on CanArtisan - I have decided to share my weekly feature here as well, I hope you enjoy learning about the many talented Canadian artisans on Etsy.***

Hi everybody I'm back again! I'm Kim from A little bit of pretty with this weeks' New Canadian Shops on Etsy feature. This week I am featuring Photo Atelier because I simply adore Sarah's style of photography!

As I have previously mentioned I love photographs of landscapes, and flowers, a quaint little village shots. Sarah's shop Photo Atelier has all these with a few vintage and inspirational shots thrown in. I love all the extreme closeup floral shots and the nature shots - these are the kinds of photos that I like to take myself, but of course they never turn out as well as Sarah's do :) I think the reason I keep featuring artists and photographers is that I really really wish that I could do what they do, half as well as they do it! I am so jealous!

Also in another life (well really about 8 years ago) I fancied becoming an interior designer. I took the some classes through continuing education, attempted a perspective drawing class, applied to the degree program at Mount Royal - I never got in :( Guess what? Sarah's an interior decorator! I don't regret my eventual degree choice though.... actually it makes me happy to see that I am not the only one out there who changes her mind :) And it makes me feel like I belong among so many great and talented Etsians! I love the fact that even though Sarah was in the creative field to begin with, she still felt held back, and now has dedicated her time (full time) to making things that make her smile. They make me smile too :)

Photo Atelier is stocked with a wide variety of 8x8 and 5x5 fine art prints and large, medium, or small photo blocks. The photo blocks are exactly that - blocks of knotty pine, each is stained and sealed, with a photo applied to the front, and a small hole drilled in the back for hanging on the wall or you can set them on your table or shelf. I think that these are a very cool and unique way to display photos in your home - I can't wait to buy one myself! Everything in the shop is made to order and very reasonably priced. I would really recommend that you take a look at this shop - and if you like what you see there, Sarah also has a second shop that houses an array of eco felt cushions, textile art and memo boards - you can check it out here :

Enjoy! Until next time, Kim XO.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wishlist Tuesday - Nov 3, 2009

Wow, October is over already! Can't believe it :) Well now that Halloween has come and gone, I am looking forward to Christmas! My favourite part of Christmas is the bundling up in layers, sitting around drinking hot chocolate, being with family, playing in the snow, and eating way too much turkey!!! So as I start gearing up for the season, I start thinking about buying gifts and what I want to wrap them in. My favourite colour scheme is white and silver, and I love anything with snowflakes! So here is my new Wishlist Tuesday post with a snowflake theme. Enjoy!

Happy Shopping :) Until Next time Kim XO

Monday, November 2, 2009

And the Winner is......

Well my first GIVEAWAY has come to a close and its time to pick a winner!

From a total of 70 entries's random number generator
draws number 24!!! The winner is .... pippirose!

Congratulations pippirose - you win your choice from the One-Of-A-Kinds section of
my shop! Can't wait to see what you'll pick :)

BIG thank you to everyone who entered and made my first
giveaway such a huge success!

Watch for the announcement coming next week! Kim XO.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What's New? IndieNorth Gift Guide!

Whats new everybody???? I have been super busy this week - on Tuesday I went back to work and struggled all week to get my blog posts done! You may have noticed that Fridays TGIF post was never posted :( Sorry about that! I had every intention of getting that up, but when I got home from work that night I discovered that our sick kitty couldn't wait for his vet appointment so we took him to emergency that night! Don't worry, he's a-OK :) Just an eye cold is all. We were there late too, so that is why the post never aired - but don't worry it will be posted this week instead Yay!

Also lately I have been working on some special new pieces for the IndieNorth Gift Guide which airs today! You may have noticed that they have their own page in my shop too :) If you hadn't, I am posting the photos below. I have also been working on a top-secret item for a special giveaway..... I can't tell you who is doing the giveaway yet, but as soon as it is announced I sure will!

That's all for now - tomorrow I announce the winner of my first GIVEAWAY!!!! Good luck everyone :) Until next time, Kim XO.


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