Sunday, November 1, 2009

What's New? IndieNorth Gift Guide!

Whats new everybody???? I have been super busy this week - on Tuesday I went back to work and struggled all week to get my blog posts done! You may have noticed that Fridays TGIF post was never posted :( Sorry about that! I had every intention of getting that up, but when I got home from work that night I discovered that our sick kitty couldn't wait for his vet appointment so we took him to emergency that night! Don't worry, he's a-OK :) Just an eye cold is all. We were there late too, so that is why the post never aired - but don't worry it will be posted this week instead Yay!

Also lately I have been working on some special new pieces for the IndieNorth Gift Guide which airs today! You may have noticed that they have their own page in my shop too :) If you hadn't, I am posting the photos below. I have also been working on a top-secret item for a special giveaway..... I can't tell you who is doing the giveaway yet, but as soon as it is announced I sure will!

That's all for now - tomorrow I announce the winner of my first GIVEAWAY!!!! Good luck everyone :) Until next time, Kim XO.



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