Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have a feature column on CanArtisan!!!

So I mentioned in my last post that I had been scouring the internet for more promotional opportunities right? Well I came across this blog called CanArtisan that features only Canadian artisans who have shops on Etsy, Artfire,, etc and noticed that there was a free directory listing. Of course I applied right away for that - always a great idea to take advantage of as many free directories as possible! While I was filling out my info on the form, the "want free advertising" plug on the page caught my eye. With my interest further piqued :) I delved further - turns out Brandi (writer of CanArtisan) was offering free advertising in exchange for writing on the blog! Sounded great - what did I have to do? Just pitch her an interesting story. So I did. I proposed writing a piece showcasing a new Canadian Etsy shop every week. And by new I mean new within the year new. Cool idea huh? Brandi liked it! Super awesome! Ok so now all my browsing and "window" shopping on Etsy has a purpose and a direction. I'm pretty stoked - free listing, free advertising, and my first opportunity to guest write on a blog, very cool :)

Who did I pick? DreamGallery from Kaslo, BC. Read the feature here : CanArtisan - Thursday's Art Gallery . Well thats all for now.... off to do more shopping :) I'll leave you with my fave of DreamGallery's collection. Until next time! Kim xo



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