Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Canadian Shops on Etsy

Here I am again - Kim from A little bit of pretty - with your weekly installment of New Canadian Shops on Etsy. This week I am featuring Maple Creek Soapworks . So let's begin shall we???

Maple Creek Soapworks is a couple from Edmonton, Alberta who began making soaps together following years of being itchy and uncomfortable after showering due to the use of commercial soaps. After a particularly uncomfortable episode, they had the opportunity to try some handmade soap and were amazed at the difference, and decided to try to make their own. So after some research, there was a working recipe, and the rest is history :)

Maple Creek Soapworks opened shop on Etsy in January 2009, and already have a wide range of products. There are bath soaks,  lotions,  lip balms, solid perfumes, and a Premium Line of products they call GlacierSpa that includes (for now I'm sure) an Anti-Aging Moisturizer, a Botanical Toner, and a Creamy Green Tea Cleanser. They also have products for tattoo care and make your own lip balm kits.

Their soaps are made, cut and wrapped by hand from top quality natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and hempseed oil. All of their cold process bars contain cocoa butter and natural glycerine for extra moisturizing and they use essential oils or top quality fragrance oils for scenting. Ultramarines and iron oxides are used for coloring. All good stuff! :)

I am particularly intrigued by the bath soaks - especially the muscle soak. I am plagued by a stiff back and headaches dues to hours and hours spent beading and making jewellery, and am wondering if this might remedy or alleviate the tension???? Maybe I'll have to buy some to find out! There are also bath soaks for cough and cold symptoms and a couple lavender blends that would do nicely right before bedtime!

So check out this new up and coming soaperie - they are also having a Christmas sale right now of 15% off all items in the shop! Happy shopping :) Until next time, Kim XO.



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