Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF!!! Oct 23/2009

This weeks' installment of TGIF - get ready to shop, shop, shop is inspired by my love of bags :) Infact I recently purchased one from bayanhippo after weeks and weeks of "window" shopping (which is ALWAYS fun ;) ) and a couple more weeks of deciding which one I loved the best. I finally decided on one of course, but it is my goal with this post to make that job easier for you - my readers! So I have picked a small selection of great bags in several different styles and hopefully you find one you love :) Have fun!!!

My first pick is this great Ruffles in grey with leather strap by lovejanice . This is the perfect shoulder bag - it is roomy without being too large, its got lots of pockets (very important!), made out of a sturdy material (cotton twill and linen), and the ruffles dress it up so it doesn't look too utilitarian! I even love the grey, and you can never go wrong with a neutral!

My next pick is this Flat Bottom Firm Frame purse by JPATPURSES in Blooms on Black. Every one needs a change purse to tuck into thier shoulder bag, and sure maybe nobody will see it, but that doesn't mean you can't get a really cute one! I love these little frame purses by JPATPURSES - and they come in several different sizes and fabric prints. With so much choice you'll be sure to find one you love too, and maybe you'll even pull it out of your bag more often just to show it off ;)

Speaking of cute accessories to tuck into your shoulder bag - here is another great one, the Embroidered Wallet - Sage Branches on brown by LBaccessories. I love this wallet! Great colour combination, great fabric choice (linen), lots of pockets inside to hold all your cards and money, and I especially love the embroidery on the outside. One of the things I always look for when I am deciding on a bag/wallet purchase are these kinds of details - they make the item feel a little more personalised and thats always a great thing!

Here is another great roomy shoulder bag, the LOVEE Messenger, dark blue and red canvas with hearts by sineminugur . If you are looking for a roomy bag with an adjustable strap in a fun print - this is the one for you!!! Its got pockets for organisation, sturdy fabric so you can carry items that are little bit heavier, and a magnetic snap closure under the top flap keeps it all inside! ***psst! this is one of the bags I almost bought ;)

If you are looking for a roomy shoulder bag that is also 100% vegan, 100% natural, and 100% sustainable then this Large Vegan Weekender in Brick and Butternut by pansymaiden is the one for you! There are a ton of pockets, a key fob, and a large zippered pocket on the exterior of the bag, as well as the two deep "hoodie" pockets on the front of the bag for organisation. This bag also comes a variety of colours and there is also a detachable shoulder strap.

In the market for something really fun???? ;) The Black and Cream Leather Doctor Bag with Dipper Bird by bonspielcreation has been on my "bag radar" for ages! I love the shape, the lining, the colour, and of course the screenprint of the Dipper Bird on the front - truly unique! There is also a wide assortment of smaller leather accessories in the shop, including wallets and card holders, and all are screenprinted with cute little pictures. You need to check out this shop!

Moving on to something more for a night out on the town.... first is this Raspberry Chocolate Cake - 8 inch Silk lined Frame Clutch Bag by DavieandChiyo . The clutch is made with dupioni silk (inside and out) and then is embroidered with this beautiful bright pink flower. It also features a detachable ribbon laced chain. This great little clutch is very versatile and would compliment many different outfits!

My last pick is a simple small zippered clutch, but its the fabric choice that makes these cute little bags so great. The Purple ume clutch purse by theprinttree is a 9"x5.5" zippered clutch made with a lovely japanese designer fabric and features a fabric covered button for decoration. It will hold all your essentials for a night out, but because it is made of cotton there is no worrying about ruining a fancy silk purse! These fabulous little clutches come in a wide variety of fabric choices - good luck trying to choose just one ;)

Happy shopping :) Until next time Kim XO.



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