Friday, October 16, 2009

TGIF!!! Oct 16/2009

This weeks' installment of TGIF - get ready to shop, shop, shop - is inspired by Halloween of course :) Specifically kids Halloween parties. When I was in elementary school there was this one family that threw elaborate Halloween parties every year, and they invited all their childrens classmates. I had never been to a party like that before, and I certainly haven't been to one like that since. My parents didn't didn't see the point in throwing huge parties for my sister and I - but I am determined that when I am a parent, birthday parties and Halloween are going to be a big deal!!! So I have put together a list of some great party planning ideas - Have Fun!!! As always, until next time, Kim XO.

What better way to set the mood than Halloween Bats 50 Lighted Lanterns by coughcoughchoke ? This is such a cool idea! And a great way to achieve that "spooky" ambience. There are 50 handmade paper lantern shades on this 12 foot strand of 1 1/2 inch bulbs. Sure to be a hit with the kiddies!!

Another great addition to your decorations are these Metallic textured and ribbed cardstock Bat punches by JessieRock. These make great themed confetti to sprinkle onto your table, and each package holds approximately 50 bat punches. They are 1 1/8 by 9/16 inches and are made out of heavy black metallic card stock.

Where do you get Witches Brew, Pirate Poison, Ravens Blood, and Midnight Mead? The kiddies will all be wondering that when you place these bottles on the tables in front of them! This is a Set of 4 Spookalicious Fun Halloween Bottle Labels by MidniteMuse. You find your own bottles, fill 'em up with your drinks, put on these self adhesive labels and you're ready to party!!! And you are also being kind to Mother Nature by reusing your empties - bonus!

I love DIY projects, but I also love the look of professional invitations. This Drop By...A Cute Custom Halloween Party Invitation by onyourtime is the best of both worlds! All you do is choose your design and email your info to Chris and within 24hrs she will email you a proof to approve. Once you've got a design you like, you get the file and are free to take it to any photo finisher of your choice (or just to your printer at home) and VOILA! Professional looking invites :)

What is a kids Halloween party without treat bags???? Wouldn't it be even better if you could personalise each one? You can with this Set of Set of 24 Personalised Favor Bags by LittlebeaneBoutique ! With this purchase comes 24 favor bags and 24 long vertical stickers that you personalise by sending the artist all your info. This is a great finishing touch to any kids party!

And last, but certainly not least, why not add a special little touch to the food too? CupcakeFlair has a wide assortment of "accessories" for everyones favourite little cakes but these Spider Web Cupcake Wrappers are the perfect accessory for your Halloween party (although not neccessarily ONLY for kids parties :) ). This is a set of 12 black laser cut spider web cupcake wrappers that you slip on your cupcakes after they have been baked.

Happy shopping :)


Shore Debris Monday, October 19, 2009 6:45:00 AM  

You've inspired me to want to have a Halloween party!

Kim Monday, October 19, 2009 8:45:00 AM  

Thanks!!!! I really wish my niece was a little older so that we can have one too :)


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